The doctor will see you now

It's been one hell of a ride, from explaining to anyone wondering why I'm not a doctor yet, to being called "Doctor" on the daily. Here are some things on my mind, and some updates.

I thought it was cute to send out these posts at 00:03 on Thursday, to illustrate that I tried hard to publish on Wednesday, but still my desires fell short, and leaked into the next day. That was before people started calling me “Doctor”.

It’s a strange feeling, to have spent almost all of my life running from home and this paved path, to find myself enjoying being engaged in all of it. How does someone go from feeling isolated to belonging in a space of a lifetime?

Okay, enough with the melancholy.

This week, I initially wanted to tell you why I’ve become semi-active on Instagram again (one story and responding to DMs a semi-active on Instagram Seetha makes) after the big hoo-ha I made about leaving all social media last week. But because I’m still wrapping my head around that one, let me instead regale you with three preoccupations that have loitered my mind this week.

Charlie ants

My new apartment came unfurnished, but with the help of my family and friends, I’ve managed to dress it up to bare necessities. After all, I’ve lived with far, far less, and maintain it was the happiest and most peaceful I've ever felt.

Give me batik sarong, and a handful of a magic bracelets, and I’m set for life.

Bedroom? Check. Work studio? Check. Dressing room? Check. Kitchen? Equipped, and with an island so beautiful I barely miss Penang anymore. Sofa to lounge? Check. Yoga mat space facing window for inspiring views? Check. You know what I didn’t sign up for though? Charlie ants, otherwise known as rove beetles, my sworn nemesis from my early days of uni life, living in the crap hostel we escaped the second we could: Bulaksumur Residences.

Without getting into too much detail, let me just tell you that anything that can curl its rear end up like a scorpion, and has a subtype of dermatitis named after it, is no friend to me. I am starting to love my apartment, but I cannot tell you how many blissful moments of after work relaxation and catch-up WhatsApp calls have been catastrophically interrupted by my need to trap these demon ants in two squares of toilet paper, and flush them down the toilet, after revenge peeing on them (whilst praying they don’t become airborne mid swim to attack my privates: don’t try this at home kids). If there ever was a moment for this acronym, now is the time… FML.


Before I go to sleep every night, I like to ask myself what three things I am grateful for. Sometimes, I ask others this too. It came to my attention that a close friend always only felt grateful about something good that happened at work. Totally valid of course! But what about everything else? Were they not grateful for the good food they ate? Or their friends and family who support them through life? How about the lack of Charlie ants in their apartment? I couldn’t help but wonder whether we had any right to question (without judgment) why that was all they were consistently grateful for. Does not being grateful for something equate to taking those things for granted? If you have a response to this, do let me know. I am curious to carry out this conversation.

Life update

This entire week, I’ve been going to the hospital everyday from 8-5 for orientation. On Wednesday, I will start tagging in my first posting: surgery. It feels apt given I just started watching Grey’s Anatomy (they’re all surgical interns). The coming weekend and Tuesday off marks the last unadulterated days off I will have for the coming months, and truthfully, I am concerned as to how this will affect my ability to publish here, and on my channel. Naturally, I want to just “see how it goes,” but I think I will write/ film in advance so that future Seetha can give her undivided attention to learning to help people and save lives, because as it turns out, she really enjoys that. So, if the next couple of my appearances in your inbox seem unrelated to my current life happenings, this is why.

If you missed this week’s video

This is me explaining what the government’s mind transformation program prior to entering the service/ starting housemanship is all about.

Meanwhile, I wish you all a Charlie ant-free existence. Promise, its Satanism is second only to bed bugs.

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