There and back again, a Seetha’s tale…

I know I’ve pulled a disappearing act so many times that, by now you must think I moonlight as a fugitive on some Most Wanted list as opposed to a doctor… But can we put that all in the past and just focus on the fact that I’m here? Cheers.

It’s certainly been a while hasn’t it?

The last time I was here, everything was different. 

Well, almost everything. It’s still me typing these words. 

Although even that feels like a stretch to say. Is it really still me? 

Don’t be silly, Seetha, yes it is. I’m sure my therapist will encourage my acknowledgment of this. 

This being, the reconciliation that the person who used to write blog posts about Housemanship in a sparsely furnished apartment on a rose gold notebook late at night when she should be sleeping, is the same person that’s writing blog posts again about who knows what in her brother’s old room in her parents house on a brand new pastel pink wireless keyboard/ donated iPad mini late at night when she… really ought to be sleeping. I guess some things never change, and I’m still on the fence as to whether or not that pacifies or peeves me. 

I’m sure my therapist will also encourage me to go to sleep, lest I lose any more under the pretence of needing to decompress.

Now that we’ve rehashed our line of communication, I do believe that we have all the time in the world to catch up, and I just can’t wait to fill you in.  

P.S. Happy 2024!

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